The harm of smartphones on children

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The harms of smartphones on children are countless , and in light of this tremendous technological development, it has become imperative for us to alert you to the need to act quickly before you regret in the future
The harm of smartphones on children

This device has become involved in our social life as an intrusive individual who takes away intimacy from us, makes us isolated and preoccupied with a device that plunges us into eternal worlds of virtual pleasure !

More importantly, many mothers whom I know personally, have become raising their children with their phones as a kind of distraction, so that they go about their business ( with their comfort), and consider these phones a source that protects them from the annoyance and frequent screaming of their children !

This is what my friend NADA does for her young children, where they spend most of their time hanging in front of their phone screens, and even her baby Mohammed ( two years ) is used to eating and sleeping with music and games on his mother’s phone, and she finds no problem sleeping while holding her phone as an intimate doll !

Do you see that what my friend Nada is doing is normal , and you don’t find any harm in it Okay . I invite you to reconsider your opinion after reading this list of 8 harms caused by smartphones to children :
1-the damage of smartphones on children and their relationship with their parents

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It is true that smartphones are useful in many respects, but on the other hand, they work to create a gap and emptiness between parents and the child, and therefore the rope of family bonding is unraveling little by little, and the scales are tipping, so mobile phones play the role of an educator indirectly, and affect the development of the child and his emotions in the long run .

The difference is very vast between a virtual world of fun games and videos, and a family reality whose members live their lives sweet and bitter, so the child has a pessimistic outlook – although he does not realize it – at that moment, but the accumulation of these deposits will build his fragile and introverted personality .

There is no need to present research and studies that indicate the cases of introversion and isolation from family society that most of today’s children – and even adults – live .

– If the child cries, give him the mobile and he will be silent !

– If you want to make dinner without being disturbed by your naughty child, take him (drugged ) the phone !

– If you want your child to sleep peacefully, leave the phone in his hands for a while !
This is a reality that most families live in, and we are not saying that the phone should be banned and banned completely .. Rather, as a parent, you must firmly and strongly limit the time when your children use smartphones, such as weekends, or school holidays, while making sure that the family gathering is permanent and larger than the gathering of children and their phones !

2-mobile phone affects children’s mental abilities

The phone is like a magic lantern, you order it whatever you want and it does everything for you, it performs calculations, searches for information, records audio, and you have a great time with your favorite toy in it . These commands will limit your child’s creative mental abilities, he lacks the Queen of photography and imagination, and his sensory and visual-sensory development becomes slow .

Let’s give a simple example of one of my relatives who worked as a grocer selling food, and at that time he relied on a pen and paper to calculate the prices of goods, and then he switched to using a calculator, and after a long time of continuing in this way, I once offered him to calculate some goods the old way ( pen and paper), he felt very heavy, and he could barely complete the calculation .

One of you may object, and say that toys stimulate the speed of perception of the child and the development of his peripheral vision, and these devices also increase his ability to cope with fast electronic searches on the internet , and improve visual functions
Indeed, this information is true, but there is a very wide difference between regular reasonable practice and a lot of practice that reaches the point of addiction !

I think the message has arrived !
3-the damage of smartphones on children and sleep problems

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If your child and the mobile phone are in the same room, be sure that he will spend a long night staying up with his restless eyes and souls . It is not surprising when we find many studies indicating that most of the sleep problems from insomnia, fatigue and difficulty waking up for school, were somehow related to the smartphone .

This includes both adults and children. There are even those who cannot sleep until they take their daily dose of a sedative ( mobile phone), so the last thing they closed their eyes to was the harmful phone beam – and there is no need to tell you about the damage of phone radiation to the eyes–, there are even those who sleep with earphones playing music without stopping !

The World Health Organization has warned about the dangers of smartphones on the sense of hearing . The organization said that more than a billion people face a long-term risk of hearing problems, as a result of ” prolonged and excessive exposure to strong sounds ” .

Also, the radiation emitted from phones – although its harm has not been proven definitively yet – undoubtedly affects the brain, and this will be revealed in the near future, do not think that putting the phone close to your head when you sleep is healthy !

One of the specialized doctors ( Daniel Seeger ) warns that all screens ( phones, computers, tablets, TV ) should be turned off at least an hour before bedtime, in order to ensure a normal sleep away from the phone’s radiation .

4-the harm of smartphones to the health of the child

As we mentioned earlier, although there is no definitive research on the damage of mobile phone radiation, but the volume of repeated warnings published by organizations on an ongoing basis indicates that the danger is really real, the radiation emitted by a mobile phone is even greater than microwave radiation .

There are also warnings about the risk of developing cancer, its impact on the structure of the child’s DNA, and according to these studies, the child’s brain absorbs these radiations 10 times more often compared to an adult .

5-the phone affects the personality of the child

Talking about studying the behaviors and personality of a child requires a lot of words, but we figured here that the child lives in a virtual world in which everyone wears masks that translate weakness, fear, hatred, jealousy …etc., it is very easy to threaten to kill your friend from behind the screen, curse him or make fun of him, or even live delicious adventures and dreams with him.

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But the transition from this virtual reality to the reality of the real world where direct confrontation will create confusion in a person’s thinking as well as an imbalance in knowing the consequences of his actions . This is for a big person, let alone a small child !

In a statement by one of the educational experts in the field of children and adolescents, he said that excessive use of smartphones makes the child very lethargic and impairs his ability to concentrate .

The reason for this is those quick views of the image clips that are on electronic games in these devices, which leads to storing them in the conscious and unconscious mind of the child and his mind continues to retrieve them even after he stops playing, which may cause his distraction and poor concentration .

6-the phone affects the child’s academic achievement

It’s very clear and doesn’t need much detail . And although mobile phones help in searching for information and performing complex calculations, and the presence of applications facilitates the process of reviewing the material, but the child, by nature, gets bored quickly, cannot resist the magic of games, and therefore the mobile phone turns from an educational tool into a destructive danger, the child’s results decline, and his level of achievement at school is low .

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So it is better to have strict monitoring by the parents, or to use one of the applications that can control your child’s phone, closing games and video applications on it, and allowing only study applications .

7-the phone affects the mental health of children

Many studies have proven that the social skills of children from 5 to 10 years are declining by almost 65%, and therefore they are highly inclined to aggressive behavior because of the violent scenes they are exposed to on their phones, and therefore they simulate and bring it down on their lives .

In one foreign study published in 2017, it was found that an increase in the time spent by children and adolescents on smartphones and social networking sites led to an increase in the rates of depressive symptoms and suicide attempts .

Other recent studies have indicated that immersion in the virtual life of smartphones generates in children over time, a lack of responsibility, and the inability to make fateful decisions in their lives, because they have indulged in a virtual social pleasure in which their mobile device takes responsibility for them .

8-phones cause obesity in children

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And it’s no wonder ! A lot of time spent by children with their phones will undoubtedly affect their physical health, and they will be exposed to the problem of obesity caused by lack of movement and physical activity, not to mention that obesity leads to many serious complications, including high blood pressure, the possibility of diabetes and stroke

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