5 laptop models suitable for children to study online

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Laptops for most children have become their most important gateway to the outside world, and the device they rely on for education after it was just a means of entertainment through playing or watching various art programs, as a result of the circumstances and events that the world is going through, especially the spread of the coronavirus, so choosing good laptops for a child is important, to feel comfortable during his school day online, in addition to activities, communicating with friends and playing. So in this article we offer you a list of the best laptops for children, as well as tips that will help your child get the most out of studying online.

The best types of laptops for children to study online

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When buying a laptop for your child, you should take into account some things such as his age and school stage, the older the child, the greater the need to choose laptops with greater capabilities that meet his needs, and try to choose types with average prices, especially if you have more than one child, and this is a set of the best devices that you can buy:

Acer laptop “Acer Chromebook Spin 11 CP311-1H-C5PN Convertible Laptop”: a good option for elementary students who use a laptop mainly for distance learning, it is a durable device that can withstand the daily consumption of young children, it has two cameras and a stylus, so that your child can write by hand on the screen, draw or show his work to solve math problems, as well as a quick keyboard, and it’s good that the operating system Google Chrome and the choice of chrome applications are familiar to most students of elementary age.

Apple laptop “Apple MacBook Air”: this laptop is characterized by being the least expensive among Apple computers, in addition to the quality of its battery and its long life compared to most laptops running Windows, and MacBooks are famous for providing useful programs in the field of Arts and music specifically.

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Samsung laptop “Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook 3 Intel Atom x5 E8000”: this laptop meets the needs of your little one, it does not require complicated setup steps for programs or time to download them, all your child needs is to log in using Google, thanks to free automatic updates, as well as its keyboard is waterproof, so it seems that it is specially designed for toddlers to learn or use it to watch some useful videos, while parents are completing their tasks.

Dell Laptop “Dell Inspiron 11.6” HD Chromebook: it comes with a high-resolution screen for watching videos and various visual materials, so it is ideal for school assignments, easy-to-set parental controls, as well as the durability of the device, and its price is reasonable compared to its capabilities.

HP Laptop “HP Chromebook 14”: a high-quality device for its price, it features a 14-inch high-resolution screen with heat-resistant characteristics, which is ideal for your child’s school work, lightweight and easy to carry, and its battery life is long up to 11 hours a day, which makes it an ideal educational tool for your child.

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Having familiarized yourself with the best types of laptops for students, the following tips for studying online will also benefit your child.

The most important tips when studying online

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Studying online has become a reality that parents live in every home, and although it is not easy to turn homes into classrooms, there are some tips that will help you provide a healthy learning environment for your child at home, namely:

Select a suitable place to study: it is important to provide a quiet place for your child, to help him focus on the lessons he gets, especially if he studies from home most of the time.

Set a study schedule: with the lack of Organization of your child’s time or setting a schedule that obliges him to study, he may not think about it at all, so you must help him with this, by providing an appropriate environment for his learning, with the need to organize his time so that he balances studying, video games, social media, television and playing with pets, so that he does not get bored, and at the same time motivates to study.

Do some exercise: physical activity and various sports improve health and enhance blood circulation, which benefits all body systems in general, and increases activity and concentration in particular, so be sure to do some light exercise daily to increase his activity and concentration.

Communicate with your child’s teachers: use email, text messages, phone calls, or maybe even a video call, to communicate with your child’s teachers, follow up on his level first of all, and so that he knows that he is always under your gaze.

Listen to his study problems: if your child is facing some difficulties in this way of learning, or some of the subjects he is studying, you should communicate with his teachers, and show them your child’s problem, so that you can be sure that the educational process is going properly.

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