7 dangerous diseases caused by smartphones.. Get to know the “gloomy” face of technology

From headaches and hearing problems, to tingling of the skin, loss of memory and concentration, all the way to tinnitus, neurological disorders and even brain cancer.

An endless list of negative effects and possible diseases caused by excessive use of the mobile phone, Health sites compete in publishing, however, there does not seem to be enough awareness on the part of its users around the world of the need to “rationalize” its use, in order to avoid its health harms.

In general, specialists believe that a distinction should be made between the real risks of intensive use of a mobile phone, and its supposed risks, in order to prevent effects that are likely to be the cause of many health problems and diseases, such as:

Brain cancer:

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The potential damage of electromagnetic waves, and the possibility of causing tumors up to brain cancers, are at the heart of the controversy that has been shaking the international scientific community for years.

However, the study issued by the American Research Program “National Toxicology”, issued in late May 2016, somewhat settled the controversy in this regard, and showed a rapid rise in the incidence of cancer among mice exposed to waves of varying strength.

The radiation exposure emitted by mobile phones is more than 1,000 times greater than that of ground stations on the continent, which means that mobile phone use can, in the long run, destroy brain cells.

The International Agency for research on Cancer classified those radiations among the causes that can cause cancer to humans, as electromagnetic waves and heat emitted from the phone gradually lead to damage to brain cells, and this is what even a person can feel if he uses the phone for a long time.

Disorders of genes and DNA

Some studies have indicated that exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones, albeit at rates below the norms, may have localized effects on the genes and DNA of human epithelial cells.

These rays, in addition to heat, may also kill sperm, and some tests that many mobile phone users have undergone have even shown that they suffer from a lack of sperm, and this is due to the fact that these animals live at a certain temperature different from the heat of the rest of the body.

Risks of heart disease

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The European Journal “Oncology” reported that the radiation emitted by mobile phones affects hemoglobin-carrying blood cells, which increases the risk of heart disease.

To avoid this, specialists advise to keep the phone as far as possible from the left side of the body, in order to avoid its possible effects on the heart muscle.

Affects the eye and eyesight

Excessive use of mobile phones and long looking at their screens usually negatively reflects on the lens of the eye and leads to the development of myopia.

Worse, two British women, aged 22 and 40, suffered for a few months from temporary blindness, according to the British newspaper “The Independent”.

The two women used to check their phone at night while they were sleeping with one eye, that is, they open one eye while the other is covered with a pillow, but the contrast in the light caused them to lose vision, so it is recommended to open the eyes at night to check the mobile phone.

Insomnia and sleep difficulties

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Among the scientifically proven effects on many occasions are the negative effects of blue light on sleep.

It is known that the human biological clock is based on light, and the frequency of looking at the screens of phones in the evening can cause insomnia or difficulties in falling asleep, which is why it is recommended to turn off the phone and all electronic devices for at least about an hour and a half before going to sleep.

Neck arteriosclerosis and finger pain

One of the most popular problems among teenagers, who spend all hours bent forward, which usually causes the appearance of neck pain accompanied by tension and spasm in the arteries.

In addition to the neck, most of those addicted to typing SMS suffer from what is known as “tendonitis”, especially at the level of the thumb, so it is recommended to avoid repeating the same movement for a long time with the same fingers.

Hearing loss

The electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile affect the inner ear, so that most of those who use their phones for a long time, especially those aged 18 to 25, suffer from hearing loss, and therefore it is recommended to avoid using the mobile and talking to it for a long time daily, in order to avoid hearing loss, according to specialists

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