Benefits of smart devices for children and in education| 7 types of smart devices

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The benefits of smart devices are many and varied, as humans rely on them in many life matters, we find that smart devices have occupied a great place in our daily lives as a result of the technological development that has made a breakthrough in the recent period and has been able to change the scope of human life, we find that one of the most important benefits of smart devices is saving time and effort for communication, and smart devices have provided many entertainment for humans.

The benefits of smart devices for children

There are multiple benefits of smart devices, especially for children, as they help to develop the child’s skills significantly, and below we will explain the most important benefits of smart devices for children:

It helps the child in intellectual expansion by making available books that enable him to read in his favorite field.

It expands the child’s perceptions and increases their awareness.

They create for the child diverse intellectual horizons.

They help the child to interact and increase belonging.

It makes it easier for the child to communicate continuously with his peers and relatives through interaction through social media networks.

It develops the child’s intelligence and helps him to make scientific progress.

Make the child have a constant sense of responsibility.

The benefits of the phone in human life

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The phone represents an important role in human life, as it has made human life much easier than before in order to keep up with the tremendous technological development in the recent period, and below we will explain the benefits of the phone in human life:

The phone has provided many applications through which a person can do many things such as paying electricity bills, telephone and others.

Make a person’s daily lifestyle fast, and provide him with multiple communication images, and better, a person can communicate voice and image via video calls to communicate with his family members.

Help people master many skills and easily learn languages through many applications and programs that allow distance learning.

She provided a man with a mobile map with him that would help him get to where he wanted to go.

It has enabled a person to shop online, he does not necessarily have to go shopping himself.

It saved a lot of time and effort that was previously spent by man.

The benefits of smartphones in education

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Smartphones have achieved a starting point in the field of distance education or the so-called e-learning and below we will explain the most important benefits of smartphones in education:

Smartphones motivate students to make the most of the educational programs offered to them remotely.

Smartphones have been characterized by flexibility in the field of education, so the student can choose the educational materials he wants to study according to his abilities and desires.

Guarantees continuity for education through the phone, it does not stop at a certain age or on holidays.

Smartphones have saved a lot of money compared to computer costs, which has made education through them more widespread.

It has made education easier than before, where the student can interact with others, discuss study files and share them with them with ease.

Types of smart devices

There are many types of smart devices and below we will show the types of smart devices:

Smartphones are mobile phones with many applications and programs that are very similar to computer programs and have many advantages such as the quality of calls that they support, games, and others.

Smart watches are those watches that are similar to ordinary watches but differ from them as they contain a touch screen and there are many applications and programs such as a program to measure heart rate and blood pressure, the rate of sports that a person does during the day, and more.

Smart glasses.

Smart lighting.

Smart TV.Smart TV.

Smart home devices.

Temperature control devices.

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Features of smartphones

Smartphones have many features that have become widespread recently to keep up with technological development, and the following are the most important features of smartphones:

Smartphones have made it easy for people to communicate with each other through messages and video calls that have brought the distances between people close.

It has made it easier to document their memories continuously by shooting video or souvenir photos, so we find that smartphones are equipped with advanced and high-resolution cameras

Smartphones have provided many entertainment such as games, songs, movies and series.

It enabled man to easily connect to the internet.

She helped many around the world to receive Science in many fields and ages.

It saved a lot of time and effort as it made people able to shop and pay bills without leaving their home.

Damage to smart devices

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Smart devices occupy a great place in human life, but we find that despite the advantages of multiple smart devices, there are also many harms, which are as follows:

Smart devices affect sleep regularly as they cause insomnia as a result of human exposure to them for long periods.

They cause eye problems such as poor eyesight and blurry vision.

Headaches and mental delirium.

They increase the chances of developing depression, stress and constant anxiety.

They can especially harm children by affecting pronunciation in two-year-olds.

They act on memory impairment and lack of concentration.

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