Harmful effects of the phone on a pregnant woman

The harm of mobile phones on pregnant women in the first months, researchers were able to determine through research on newborn children and the way they behave when they grow up through behavioral and health damage, as according to the British Independent newspaper, there are tangible damage to the fetus in its mother’s womb during pregnancy, through accredited scientific research.

A study was conducted on 13,000 newly born children, through which it was proved that the use of electronic devices, especially mobile phones, by the expectant mother for two or more times a day, increases the likelihood of newborn children developing hyperactive behavior, difficulty communicating and mental disorder due to electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices, especially mobile, which directly affect the tissue formation of the fetal body, including the development of the nervous system, especially brain tissue .

This study, conducted by the International Commission on non-Ionizing radiation protection International Commission on Radiation Protection, included the study of more than 13 thousand children from the fetal period in the belly of his expectant mother to the age of 7 years, and it proved that children have behavioral disorders in excess of normal by 54 % . The harmful effects of mobile use, especially on other electronic devices such as laptops or tablets, have been compared with the danger of harmful habits for pregnant women, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, even if they are less harmful .

Professor Lika kivets, who is based on the study in Denmark, stressed the relationship between the use of mobile phones for pregnant women, especially in the first months of pregnancy, and its bad impact through the radiation emitted from it and to it on the formation of a healthy fetus .

The risk of damage to the mobile phone for a pregnant woman increases according to the signal strength emitted by the mobile, especially with the Bluetooth feature turned on, and when the receiving signal connecting to the Mobile is reduced, where the danger of the Mobile is less when the signal is strong and thus the radiation SAR value released by the mobile to search for the signal decreases, the radiation value decreases .

The use of mobile phones also causes psychological damage to pregnant women due to the addiction of using this device and its social effects that separate it from real social communication, as well as exposure to a large percentage of radiation affecting the brain chemistry, especially when used directly on the ear .

Mobile harm reduction tips for pregnant women
Reduce mobile phone usage as much as possible .
Do not use the mobile phone directly on the ear, and use headphones when calling, to reduce the radiation reaching the brain and body through the mobile .
Using a computer to send messages and other communications such as Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram, to reduce the time spent near the mobile

Avoid placing the mobile near the pregnant woman if not in use .
Shorten the communication period as much as possible .
Check the strength of the communication signal before making a call .

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