How do I know if my phone is genuine or fake

The first method :
Type the following code : *#06# ( You Write first * then#, then 0, 6 and finally # ) on your mobile phone immediately after entering the last Code of the code (#) you will be shown the universal identifier number of the mobile device, which is a serial number consisting of 15 digits.

You write these numbers on this site if the site recognizes your smartphone, it means that it is original and not refurbished, and you should also make sure that this number is the same as what is written on the sticker behind the battery،

For more information about Samsung phones, there is an application on the Play store called phone info Samsung that allows you to verify that the phone is genuine and not refurbished
In order to understand more this term renewed or not renewed, for example, the original company no longer produces a certain version of phones (for example S5), nevertheless we find new copies in stores, because the company has signed with other companies that renew phones and sell them at attractive prices, and often find in them problems at the level of fast battery drain and phone overheating…
The second method :
After typing the aforementioned code, you get a 15-digit serial number of the following format:

3 6 9 3 9 5 0 1 2 3 5 5 6 7 8

The secret in these numbers lies in the serial number 7 and 8 , so you count from right to left and then put your finger on the number in the order 7 and 8, then check these two numbers, which will help you find the answer to your question : How do I know that my phone is genuine or fake Follow the following :

_ If the seventh and eighth digits are 02 or 20, it means that your cell phone was assembled on the gray market (unofficial), which is very poor quality.
_ If the seventh and eighth digits are 01 or 10, it means that your cell phone was made in Finland, this is proof that your phone is of very good quality.

_ If the seventh and eighth digits are equal to 00, it means that your cell phone was manufactured in the original factory, and this is better in terms of phone quality.

_ If the seventh and eighth digits are 08 or 80, this indicates that your cell phone is made in Germany of good quality.

_ If the seventh and eighth digits are either 30/03 or 04/40, it indicates that your phone is made in China, but of good quality. But not as good as 00, 01 or 10
_ If the seventh and eighth digits are 05 or 50, this indicates that your cell phone is manufactured either in Brazil, USA or Finland of good quality

_ If the seventh and eighth digits are 06 or 60, this indicates that your cell phone is manufactured either in Hong Kong, China or Mexico with OK quality

_ If the seventh and eighth digits are 13, it means that your cell phone was assembled in Azerbaijan and is of very poor quality and dangerous to health.

The third method :
This method is a warning against the acquisition of non-original and refurbished phones

A lot of people buy damaged and old devices and restructure it by replacing damaged devices with other working devices of poor quality, then change its external structure completely and flash it with a special broom and then resell it as it is new and original،

These phones often suffer from problems at the battery level, touch screen (crashes or becomes heavy due to poor motherboard), device overheating, WiFi signal capture problem and weak network, automatic update problem due to modified ROM on the device…
The fourth method :
1-check the original packaging and packaging of the device: but we find these details are checked even by some sellers who advertise new devices, (for example, eBay ). If the case or the phone case resembles the original one, here take care and pay close attention to spelling errors and some small details…

2-check the device itself: does it look like what you saw in videos and commercials What material is it made with Is it really metal or is it an imitation of plastic Carefully check all the details.
Check the model, and make sure that there are those features that it has. And if in doubt, do not hesitate to take a look at the information about the phone on the official website of the company .

3-check the device settings: feel free to look at the settings in the phone or tablet options, where you can find the name, model number and Android version in the “About Device“option. Then check that all this information matches what it is supposed to be.

4-feel free to download the CPU-Z application. For example, if in the line “manufacturer manufacturer” you find the following word “unknown unknown ” instead of the manufacturer’s name, this is only evidence that the phone is not original!
5-beware of too low prices : if the phone is offered for sale at a price much lower than the one declared by the manufacturer, this is a clear message. Beware of the price trap.

But be careful , the manufacturer can make an extraordinary show on various occasions. And for this sale price reduction does not always raise doubts in the authenticity of the phone. And always keep in mind the current market price.

6-be sure to ask for warranty: any electronic device has a warranty for a certain period, especially if your phone encounters problems that are not your responsibility, the warranty allows you to restore or repair them at no cost.

When you buy your phone, ask about the warranty that the seller gives. If he does not provide it at all, you can give up and move away from him. The classic warranty is specified at least in one or two years.
Certainly, the internet provides us with the possibility of comparing offers and prices available on thousands of sale sites. However, nothing is more secure than the websites of manufacturers and specialized stores that allow you to see and touch the device ! And do not forget to be careful if the price is too low and irrational!

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