The 08 Best Laptops for design, graphic and editing in the new year 2022

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While you can edit a video on a cheap laptop, you find some videos that come in FHD resolution or higher, you need a powerful and fast processor to perform all tasks besides a separate graphics processor and a high-resolution screen, all of this is an excellent package for ergonomics in video editing and with the advent of 2022 it was necessary to provide a list of the best laptops for design, graphics and editing for new devices to suit the developments witnessed during the new year 2022, if you are wondering whether a gaming laptop can edit video, it is likely that that it is possible, but a system dedicated to media creation that is more likely to get perfect results every time, will take the initiative The first thing you will need in your device is a separate graphics processor such as Nvidia’s GeForce GTX series cards, which is the cheapest on our list and it starts at a price of 1000 dollars .to get something more powerful, it is a high-end processor from Quadro or RTX 3000, and of course with a high-quality screen it will all cost 2500 or more, and below are the nominations.

1-Dell XPS 15 OLED laptop 2021

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the best laptop for design and editing can be purchased this year 2022
Over the past years, the Dell XPS laptop has a leading position in our hearts, but it is constantly trying to improve its capabilities, fix all the errors and fix the problems faced by previous versions in the modern version of the laptop, which comes to us with a 15-inch OLED screen in 2022, there are certainly many advantages and upgrades that have been made here on this version compared to previous models, but the most personal thing I like is ( as I mentioned to you a little ago ) the screen that works with a resolution of 3.5 K and provides bright brightness rates, high contrast and bright colors, it is the right screen 100% of which should have been present in Dell XPS laptops during the past years.

Also, the design of the laptop needs some praise because it relies on high-quality raw aluminum from internally woven inscriptions, as for the specifications, the most important features are powerful speakers, a huge keyboard and a giant touchpad, it is a laptop suitable for various uses, the only downside of this excessive power in the specifications may come at the expense of battery life, which is a problem if your business forces you to move and travel a lot.

Features :
A wonderful screen with an OLED display resolution of 3.5 K.
An epic performance.
Slim and high-end build quality.
A super cool keyboard and a huge trackpad are very responsive.
Disadvantages :
The battery life is less than the standard one.
Laptop price :
The price of the device is about 2850 US dollars.

2-Acer Predator Triton 300 SE laptop

is the best laptop suitable for VR virtual reality glasses
It is known about Acer in the laptop sector that it is interested in manufacturing affordable high-quality devices, but it may be a pity that this does not apply to the expensive Predator Triton 300 SE laptop, but we think it was expected, given that it is a laptop aimed at the gaming sector and enthusiastic gamers who have enough budget for this breaking monster, of course this laptop can serve as a workstation for professionals, creators and content makers.

The Triton 300 SE laptop is a real bargain for gamers who want to play all modern games but at an affordable cost, but there is one weak point, which is that this monster is content with an RTX 3060 graphics card, which will be a hindrance if you want to play games at the highest graphic quality, especially since the screen supports a refresh rate of 144 Hz, but again it is a smart way from the company to keep the price low and affordable for a larger category of enthusiastic gamers.

Features :
Powerful performance of Central and graphical processing.
Powerful battery life.
Stylish design.
Bright screen with vibrant colors.
Disadvantages :
The keyboard and touchpad needed more work.
Laptop price :
The price of the device is about 1400 US dollars.
3-Apple MacBook Pro 2021 14-inch version
After a long wait and many months of the rumor mill and leaks, we finally have the long-awaited giant MacBook Pro 2021 14-inch laptop, which unfortunately comes at a very high financial cost, but trust me if I tell you that it’s worth every penny you pay in it, this new model contains a large number of ports and better practical openings, the miniled screen was an amazing upgrade we also have a new sound system that has been clearly improved in order to enhance the overall experience, the new MacOS system works smoothly it is streamlined and better than any other operating system, but this is something completely expected from Apple.

But maybe some are wondering about the playback period and then let me tell you that it skips the 14-hour interval in the battery test, just try to put in its way any kind of tedious tasks such as video editing or content creation and make sure that you will only need a few moments in order to finish the work, so regardless of your type of work, whether it’s hard work in editing functions, editing and drawing programs or production applications, the MacBook Pro 2021 14-inch laptop is here to save you but you must bear the huge wealth that you have to spend on it.

Features :
Stylish and high-quality design.
Many practical ports.
Great performance.
Long battery life.
Disadvantages :
Very expensive.
Laptop price :
The price of the device is about 1950 US dollars.
4-Alienware X17 laptop

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Everyone knows what the goal is pursued by the leading brand in the manufacture of laptops and gaming accessories, and here we have an ideal model that should be emulated if you want to develop a standard laptop for professional gamers, it’s true that you pay a lot of money in return, but you get the best of everything without exception, starting from the high quality in the design of materials, passing through the specifications necessary to run all games on the highest graphics quality and even the peripheral ports necessary to connect your devices and additional accessories.

Alienware X17 laptops are a great deal if you want to replace a desktop computer and this is because you will actually get rocket power that is completely parallel to the power of desktop computers but in a compact design that you can easily navigate with, Of course Alienware computers are expensive and for the X17 model it is expensive and very expensive but if you can afford it you get in return a hell of excessive power in all the games and daily tasks that we deal with.

Features :
Gorgeous and stylish design.
Amazing performance, especially in games.
A particularly spectacular and comfortable keyboard.
Long battery life.
Disadvantages :
An exaggeratedly high price.
Laptop price :
The price of the device is about 2400 US dollars.
5-Dell XPS 15 laptop special design and editing
This device comes with a distinctive OLED display screen that works with 4k technology, and it can cover about 239% of the sRGB color gamut in addition to the brightness of 626 lumens, which gives you a clearer picture, and the device also works with a wonderful ninth-generation CPU in addition to a graphics processing unit or a Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti screen card, it also comes with a great and light weight for easy carrying as well as its distinctive thinness that gives it a wonderful and attractive aesthetic appearance .

Features :
CPU : Intel Core i5 / Core i7 / Core i9 .
GPU or monitor card type: Intel UHD 630 / Nvidia GTX 1650 TI .
Ram – ram with a capacity of: 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB .
Internal storage capacity – hard disk: 512 GB of hard disk, 256 GB or 1 TB of SSD type .
It has a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1080p and works with 4k and 4K OLED technology .
Device area : 14.1 × 9.3 × 0.7 ~ 0.5 inches .
Device weight: 4.5 lbs .
Excellent graphics and strong overall performance .
Slim and attractive design .
He owns a suitable webcam .
The possibility of viewing in 4K and OLED resolution .
Great battery life compared to working with 4K resolution
Disadvantages :
Expensive .
Laptop price :
The price of the device is about: 1,729 US dollars .

6-Dell G5 15 5511 laptops are the best laptops for design and editing at a cheap price

black and silver laptop computer on brown wooden table
This device is one of the best laptops for creating and editing videos with a reasonable budget, and this device is one of the best laptops dedicated to playing video games, and this device comes with the latest processor from Intel, which is the Core i7-11800h processor, in addition to a wonderful 15.6-inch screen, as well as having a distinctive battery with a long life of up to seven hours, and through this device you can convert a video clip from 4k resolution to 1080p resolution in a period not exceeding 7 minutes, and this device people who are beginners in video editing are amazing .

Features :
Central Processing Unit (processor ) type : Core i7-11800h .
Graphics processor (screen card ) type : NVIDIA GeForce RTXTM 3050 Ti .
Ram ( ram ) with a size of: 16 GB .
Internal storage capacity up to: 512 GB of SSD type .
Screen scale: 15.6 inches, 1080p resolution, 144Hz frequency .
Dimensions of the device : 14.4 × 10 × 0.9 inches .
The weight of the device is up to: 5.5 pounds .
A very powerful processor .
Favorable and reasonable price .
Presentation and graphics are good for casual gamers .
Long battery life .
Disadvantages :
Average graphics for powerful games .
Laptop price :
The price of the device is about : 1100 US dollars .

7-MacBook Pro laptop (16-inch version )

the best laptop from Apple for graphic works
If you prefer editing on an Apple device, the MacBook Pro ( 16-inch version ) will be the best choice for you, it comes with a powerful Intel Core i9 processor with a more powerful Radeon 5500M graphics processor, and a brighter screen so that the Touch Bar can adapt according to the application you are using so you can apply filters or clean them through a clip without leaving full screen mode, the MacBook weighs 1.95 kg and is only 0.6 inches thick, and also has a premium sound system with 6 speakers .

Basic specifications :
CPU : Intel Core i5 / Core i7 / Core i9 .
GPU or screen card type: AMD Radeon 5300M or 5500M .
16-inch screen with a resolution of 3072 × 1920 pixels .
Storage : hard SSD with different capacities starting from 512 GB and up to 2 TB .
With a weight of 1.95 kg .
Features :
Lightweight .
Great screen .
Long battery life .
A great keyboard.
Disadvantages :
The screen is not 4K quality .
There is no full-size USB port or SD card slot .
The price of the laptop is high .
8-Alienware Area-51m laptop outstanding design and editing performance

macbook pro on white textile
If you are looking for a great laptop in the field of video editing and montage work, here is this Alienware Area-51m device, as it is considered one of the best devices necessary for editing and editing high-quality video clips, because it works through the central processing unit for office devices of the ninth generation Core i9 with the latest RTX 2080 GPU from Nvidia in the laptop, as this device easily manages to run with the HandBrake program for reducing the size of videos, where the device is able to convert video with 4K resolution to 1080p resolution in a time period not exceeding 6 minutes, and you can upgrade all the components of this device in This is a very great feature, in addition to the speed of the device’s performance in transferring files up to 272.1 MB per second through the SSD hard drive, as well as the device has a wonderful and solid screen with a size of 17.3 inches .

Basic specifications :
CPU: Intel Core i7 / Core i9 ninth generation .
GPU or screen card type: Nvidia RTX 2060 / 2070 / 2080 .
Ram – ram with a capacity of: 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB .
Internal storage capacity – hard disk: 1 TB or 512 GB of HDD-type hard disk and 1 TB or 2 TB of SSD-type .
It has a 17.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p and works with 4k technology .
Device area: 16.1 × 15.9 × 1.1 ~ 1.7 inches .
Device weight: 8.5 lbs .
The price of the device : 2399 USD .
Features :
Excellent graphics and strong overall performance .
An extremely fast SSD-type hard disk .
The components of the device are upgradeable .
Disadvantages :
It comes at an expensive and expensive price

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