Top 7 antivirus protection apps for Android 2022

With the spread of viruses and malicious programs greatly in our time, it has become necessary to use antivirus applications on all devices in order to ensure complete protection against espionage and hacking, as protection programs and applications scan files and applications on your phone or new files and applications that are downloaded and once a virus is detected, it is completely removed or blocked and prevented from spreading in the phone.

All antivirus programs contain a very huge database through which these programs can identify millions of types of viruses and malware and then completely remove them, now there is no need to prolong any more and let’s get to know the best antivirus programs for Android in the following lines.
1. Kaspersky Antivirus application
Kaspersky Antivirus is not only one of the most famous protection programs, but it is also considered one of the most powerful and effective programs for detecting viruses and removing them from the phone completely, thanks to the huge database that includes virus fingerprints and traces, which helps the program to detect millions of types of viruses is also equipped with artificial intelligence technologies that identify new and more dangerous viruses.

Since the Android system is considered the most famous in the world of smartphones, we find there are millions of hacks directed to Android, but with Kaspersky software you will be able to protect your device completely, as it scans the files and applications on the phone at the moment, as well as all applications or files that are downloaded later, and when one of the malicious files is detected in the phone, the program immediately isolates it so as not to affect other files.

Features of the Kaspersky Antivirus program:

It has a background Scan feature so that your device is protected around the clock.
It has a very high detection rate to combat all viruses, which makes it one of the best antivirus applications for Android.
It has additional features such as a VPN service, locking applications and protecting the phone from theft.
It protects your phone while browsing the internet as well as blocks malicious and malicious websites.
2. Avira Security Antivirus application
Although there are many types of antivirus software available for Android, Avira remains one of the best and most important of those programs, and it is also considered one of the oldest protection programs as it was initially available for computers and then it became available for Android as well and you can download it for free from the Play Store and through this program you can protect your data and files as it helps you protect your device from virus infection while connecting to the internet or downloading new files on your phone.

This program includes a number of very useful features, including a free VPN network that allows you to consume 100 MB per also helps you speed up and improve phone performance by removing viruses and malware that consume phone resources. therefore, it is a comprehensive program that protects the phone’s security, privacy and performance. it is good that most of the program’s features are available in the free version.

The most important features of Avira:

It is considered one of the most powerful and effective protection programs against all kinds of dangerous viruses.
It includes many useful tools such as VPN, privacy protection, camera, internet protection, app lock and performance acceleration.
It blocks applications or websites that potentially compromise your data and Privacy.
Includes more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store with a rating of 4.6 stars
3. Norton 360 application

Now we have one of the best and most powerful protection programs for the Android system, Norton 360, which was developed by Norton, an international company specializing in the development of security and protection programs.this program protects your phone from all types of viruses, even the most dangerous types such as ransomware viruses. it also protects your phone from hacking and spying. it also protects your data while connecting to Wi-Fi networks or while browsing the internet via the Android browser. therefore, it provides comprehensive protection for your phone.

Features of the Norton 360 application:

It contains application scanning technology in order to detect viruses and malware.
It alerts you in case of connection to public and unsafe Wi-Fi networks.
It scans applications before installing them on your phone, which provides an additional layer of protection for the phone.
The program can detect malicious internet sites and warns you about them in order to protect your phone.
4. AVG AntiVirus Free Application
In fact, we cannot talk about the best mobile antivirus protection programs without mentioning AVG AntiVirus, because it is considered one of the most powerful and effective protection programs to secure the phone and prevent harmful viruses, and it is also considered one of the most prestigious of those programs as well, and therefore it has a database that can identify all types of viruses without exception, and thanks to these features and more, the program was able to harvest more than 100 million downloads in the Play Store with a rating of 4.8, which is a record not available for any other program.

The AVG AntiVirus program contains a photo store through which you can protect your files from viruses and malicious programs and it will not allow access to them without your permission.this program is also available on a free VPN service in order to secure your identity on the internet. the program also includes the feature of removing unnecessary files in order to speed up the Android phone. it also scans the websites you visit and warns you if the site is malicious.

This program also contains many other features such as protecting the phone from theft or retrieving it in case of loss, in addition to password protection, locking applications, and so on, but in return it has some annoying disadvantages, including that it contains ads, as well as many of its features are available in the paid version only, in addition to that, it slows down the phone a little.

Features of the AVG AntiVirus program:

It has a VPN network and a safe to protect photos and videos.
It cleans junk files in order to improve phone performance.
It logs the use of the phone to identify the applications that you use most often.
It helps you free up space on your phone by removing unnecessary files.
It warns you in case you have weak or leaked passwords.
5. Avast Antivirus application

Avast is one of the most popular antivirus applications, as the program has been available for computers for more than 10 years, and there is also a version for Android phones, which is a comprehensive protection program that includes a data shield to protect photos, contact information and sensitive and important data, and it also runs background scanning in order to identify viruses and malware and prevent them from infecting files and applications, which provides a large security percentage for the phone.

One of the most important features of the Avast program is that it does not negatively affect the phone’s performance, that is, you will not feel the phone slow while using it, and it also includes tools and means to protect your phone while connected to the internet, as it recognizes malicious sites that include infected files and warns you about them, and although the paid version provides all the features of the program, the free version will be quite enough for most users.

But on the opposite side, you may encounter some minor flaws while using the program, including ads that appear from time to time, since it is a free program and it also needs to access a lot of permissions on your phone, however, it provides many other useful features that make it one of the best and most important antivirus and penetration protection programs.

Features of the Avast program:

It includes a lot of phone cleaning features that improve performance.
It has a web shield to protect you while surfing the internet and it also includes a VPN in order to encrypt traffic.
The application comes with a very elegant and user-friendly interface, which makes it suitable for all users.
It includes additional features such as locking applications, hiding photos, finding a lost phone, and more.
6. Lookout Security application

Lookout Security application is one of the most famous protection programs for Android, where the number of application downloads exceeds more than 100 million times with a 4.6 star rating, and it is also known as “antivirus and security”, and there are many features in this application that help you protect your phone from virus infection, speed it up, clean it and prevent excessive battery consumption, as it alerts you of applications that consume a lot of energy.

Through this program, you will be able to protect your phone against all types of viruses and malicious software, including regular viruses, trojans, worms, ransomware, cyber attacks, hacks, data leaks, and also prevents hackers and other intrusions. there are also more features available in the paid version of the program such as backup, VPN network, and more.

Program features:

It contains phone tracking tools in order to locate the phone in case it is lost.
It comprehensively scans the phone including sensitive applications, files and data.
It protects your important data while surfing the internet and also protects the phone while connecting to public networks.
7. Malwarebytes Security application
The Malwarebytes application is one of the most powerful and very effective protection programs to eliminate all types of viruses and malware, and it also protects a phone from infection by such programs, as it runs a shield to scan files and applications, find viruses, and then remove them completely.this program is also free and ad-free and does not affect the phone’s performance Significantly. it also works in the background in order to protect the phone in real time constantly.

Malwarebytes also recognizes phishing messages and even phishing emails that want to steal your data, it will warn you about them and will alert you before clicking on the mail or providing any personal information.

The features of Malwarebytes are not limited to this, but it is also able to protect the device against ransomware viruses, which encrypts files completely, as it detects and stops them before they affect the files, and this program includes a quick scan mode as well as a Deep Scan Mode.

Features of the Malwarebytes application:

It is considered one of the most powerful protection and antivirus programs for Android.
It performs antivirus, malicious applications, phishing, ransomware, and more.
Allows you to schedule scans to be performed automatically.

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